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About Us!

We are an online web software company established in 1998 by a team of professionals who possess many years of experience in IT an Internet technologies. We are fully operational in Cyprus and Greece.

We provide professional newsletter - email marketing services and develop professional websitesat a limited cost. If you are looking for a way to send thousands of email newsletters to your customers or create a simple website, a professional Content Managed System (CMS), or an e-shop, we can provide you with the solution.

We have secured partnerships with reputable companies who have great experience in the Internet in order to ensure safety, functionality and simplicity of all our projects. This way we create professional web presentations depending on the requirements set by each company focusing both on aesthetics and functionality.

Our mission is to respond to customer needs and are willing to work for the best possible result.

Latest News

Electronic Flyers
Send electronic flyers to your customers with one click.
Cyprus Wedding Website
We created an automated webservice for couples to create their own wedding websites.
Custom made Doctor Application
We created a state of the art Medical Records web based application for Pediatricians.
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